Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Many a times,it is the decisions we make that define the person we go on to be in our lives.Sometimes those decisions are hard to make because it involves those whom we love and care for so dearly that the thought of being apart from them makes it harder to take that step forward towards our goal which we desire and nurture so dearly in our lives. 

However,many a times it is those little sacrifices we make along the way that go on to bring that much needed big change in our lives.It is a change which empowers us;that adds value and meaning to our very purpose and existence. 

I believe that at the end of the day-each one of us...has a 'Start A New Life' story to tell! And here's my story that I am about to share...

I remember right from my schooling days until my graduation,I was this shy and timid girl.An introvert basically who spoke only when spoken to and generally someone who always sought advise even on small matters or issues from my family members.But one thing that I was very sure of was that after my graduation,I wanted to pursue my Master's degree in Mass Communication.However since my city didn't offer much prospects in the field,I was always in a dilemma that on completion of my Bachelor's degree-What next?What were the opportunities here?Nothing so to speak of (Of course since then and now - the landscape of Media and Communication has changed drastically). My parents thought that in due course I would drop the idea of doing a Master's degree in Mass Communication and instead opt for a degree that was more industry-oriented where there were better prospects for my future. And knowing my reserved nature,they thought that Mass Communication may just not be the right choice considering that one needed to be more bold, outspoken and an introvert in this profession where the very meaning of "Mass Communication" deciphered as "Communication with the Masses".The Information Technology (IT) boom at the dawn of the millennium was yet another avenue to be explored and a career in Computer programming was what they had envisioned for me. This thought was a natural progression that unfolded to them because I was soon to be a graduate in Computer Applications.

I clearly remember that day,I had just appeared for the last paper of my final year exams when I dropped a bomb! 

In a heart-to-heart conversation,I told my parents that I had decided to pursue my further studies in Mumbai and that I had even researched and short-listed some institutions where I wished to study for my Master's degree.Naturally, they were shocked!Never in their wildest of dreams had they ever imagined my firm resolve of going all the way to an urban cosmopolis for further studies(and subsequently chase my dreams too!) Like every parent they too had their apprehensions on how I'd manage my life independently during those two years knowing that I lived a sheltered life cocooned with their love,guidance and gentle care.I had to win over my dad particularly by explaining him that it was not Computers but the career of Audio-Visual media that I was most passionate about.Of course after many a discussions which spanned almost two weeks,he finally relented.

For me,It was not an easy decision to make.I remember falling ill the day my dad was traveling back home and he asked me to reconsider my decision as he thought it was a sign of the challenges that was ahead of me.But I held firm and was determined to make it happen. At the end of those two enriching years of my Master's degree,I came out as a new person. Of course one of the high-lights was that I passed the two years Master's degree with distinction which made my parents all the more proud of my decision.Not only was I equipped with the knowledge and tools that I was set to explore in my career before me,but more importantly,I remember how much I had opened up during those two years.I was more friendly,less shy and more confident during my interaction with others.I had become more vocal and expressive about my inner thoughts which I generally had inhibitions about.I was shades better than the person that I was earlier.

During those two years,I had discovered a new sense of independence where I learned to be more responsible for myself,made my own decisions,imbibed the lesson of time management and a sense of discipline towards my studies with all the projects, presentations and deadlines it entailed. 

Overall,I had a chance to reflect within,think about my career and the road ahead in this all new environment.I had learned to adapt to change as I came to realize that change is vital to one's existence.With this experience during my study together with my work experience in Mumbai,I was more confident about myself to the extent that today if I had to travel or work in any part of the world-I could smartly navigate myself around independently as I embark upon yet another fascinating journey towards life!


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