Thursday, 12 December 2013


I tried it with flowers, cards, cakes and just wouldn't work! I loved her and she knew it, yet she just kept avoiding me! 

She is Jenny, my childhood sweet-heart and the most gorgeous girl of our college! 

When we were kids,she liked me too! I remember once during our costume dress competition, I came dressed as Superman and she was so impressed that she told me when we'd grow up I'd be her date to the Prom. I was flattered. Boy, she was in love with me and I with her! 

But things changed at college. I was not a bad looker...I was tall, had blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and kept a beard. Being a computer geek, I hardly found the time to shave and felt there was nothing wrong in keeping a stubble either. I didn't pay much heed to personal grooming until one day that myth was shattered forever. 

"I hate that unclean stubble", Jenny retorted when her friends told her to take me to the Prom since she had not yet found herself a partner. I was backstage of the rehearsals when I overheard their conversation. In fact I had come there to ask Jenny to the Prom. 

I was heartbroken. "It's over! ", I said to myself.
On a second thought, it was not over...not yet! 

So, I quickly hopped into the departmental store and added a Gillette grooming kit to my basket. The rest was history!

It was the most beautiful evening I spent with Jenny at the Prom! She looked like a Princess and of course I won't brag,but I looked dapper as her perfect Prince charming! And we went on to spend many more evenings of our life together as we became man and wife!

Thank you Gillette!
And they lived happily ever after...
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