Sunday, 15 December 2013


At the cafe, as I sipped a Cappuccino I recounted a bad day at work when my boss threw my annual report into the bin. After all the effort I’d put into it, I just felt like crying. For a moment, I began to hallucinate when I saw a scary montage of my boss juxtaposed with my headmaster, both of them yelling at me as they fidgeted with their un-groomed stubble smelling of perspiration!

And today I wanted no more of ‘stubbled’ men around me. But the irony was that right from the door attendant and waiter to the young couple on the table to my left and an old couple to the table on my right...all the men were sporting a stubble!  How I wish I could yell my lungs out and tell them to SHAVEEEEEEEE!!!

After a bad day, I'd normally have headed straight home and brought the roof down! But today I had to wait at the cafe and stay composed as my friends had set me up on a date!

So, I kept my eyes affixed at the door and waited for my Mr. Right to come! I silently hoped that unlike the rest, he wouldn't come sporting a stubble. He was running thirty minutes late and as I kept looking at the watch I began to grow restless when suddenly from nowhere someone popped a huge bouquet of flowers! My date had found his way to me! "His clean shaven look bowled me over", as I put a bad day behind me! 

Later, he apologized for coming late as he was unable to decide which flowers to pick for me when he finally settled for the bouquet! How thoughtful indeed!

And this was just the beginning of...many romantic dates to come!
A 'Stubble' free date!
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