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Wildcraft: The new age light-weight travel gear
This summer are you going hiking and trekking in the hills? Or perhaps you are planning a travel sometime soon? Then of course it goes without saying that you must be readying to pack your bags or you're perhaps already done with it and ready to jet-set go! 

But the most important question here is - Have you invested in a right travel gear for yourself? In the good old days if you carried huge metallic trunks and suitcases it was another thing, you didn't have an option then! But today, there's no excuse... after all where on earth are you going to keep tugging along with your heavy luggage if you're hiking/ trekking or even going visiting a city over the weekend?!

Well, if you're looking for answers then your search ends right here! 

In recent years one company that has excelled consistently in terms of quality and providing variety in terms of gear specifics, capacities, color, durability and design is Wildcraft. 

In fact I can vouch for it because recently when a family member was gifted a Wildcraft's 'Rock And Ice' 35 L gear priced at Rs. 2495, he offered to lend it to me as and when I needed it. I thought it was not a bad offer and thought I'd use this opportunity to review it on i-assess for my readers. 

Now on reviewing the product, I found that the rucksack was not only spacious but was of light-weight material which is very important when you travel today. With our ever growing needs it becomes almost impossible if your gear itself were to weigh a few kilos! Well, the good news here is that this rucksack weighs just about 1kg,10g!! Howzzatt?? 

The material of the rucksack is nylon, it looked durable and was water-proof too. Now what I also liked about the rucksack was that it had padding at the back to provide comfort to the back muscles. The adjustable sternum strap at the back ensured balanced weight distribution and the padding brought more comfort to the shoulders as well. And to provide an overall grip of the gear to the body, this rucksack has an angular padded stowed waist belt. Rock and Ice also has a nice big hood which meant I could keep adding more of my stuff in the sack and fill it to the brim! Besides of course the gear had cute mesh pockets inside the hood and on the outside where I could store some little knick-knacks, accessories and on the side mesh I could even tuck in my sipper! Now the best part of this deal is that Wildcraft's 'Rock And Ice' 35 L comes with a 5 year warranty! Not bad I say! If you ask me...I say go for it!

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