Thursday, 17 January 2013


If the man you love, truly loves you, then nothing can come in the way of it...not even a 'hair' can spoil a beautiful relationship when two hearts unite in's a little poem for all those men who just adore and love their women! Enjoy!



Dressed in a tux, I rushed to pick her up on a date,
As she silently stood there waiting for me at the gate!

My relationship with her grew from a play mate,
Today I was going to make it official with my gorgeous girl-friend, Kate!

How lovely she looked in her shimmering dress,
And how could I not, but be impressed!

At the pool-side, I had booked a table for two,
We had a drink and candles on the cake we blew.

We celebrated our time together,
This moment I will always cherish forever.

Her hair was black and eyes were blue,
I'd look into them and be lost without a clue.

After a while I asked her for a swim,
She excused herself, for tired she was after her workout at the gym.

I then asked her for a dance,
Soft music played by the pool-side as we pranced!

I then held her closer to me,
And Ouch...something stung me like a bee!

From the corners of my eyes I saw,

Hair on her hands looked like a furry claw!

'I wish she had opted for her hair removal', I mumbled;
'She ruined a perfect evening', I grumbled.

She sensed something was amiss;
And realized that it was the end of this.

But I loved her to the core;
No way I was going to let this moment go!

As I excused myself for awhile,
I dashed off to a shop in my casual style.

She must have realized I was upset;
But little did she know that I was going to gift her a Gillette!

How thrilled she was to get Venus's Embrace,
A bright smile just lit up her face!

She then vanished for a moment,
And later appeared in her swim-suit  O, so confident!

And then we had a nice long swim,
Under the moon light dim!

Her skin felt so soft and creamy,
The evening was so beautiful and dreamy.

Then I popped the question with a rose,
And with a ring, I proposed!

And O, so willingly she said yes;
Having her in my life, I felt so blessed!

So, that was my cute love story;
Of how I won over, my f(h)air lady!

                                                                ---- Sonaal

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