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Post Description: Miss Betsy's moral lesson on oral hygiene gives her first-grader students a good reason to think about taking steps on protecting their 'smiles' forever through a story about three characters - TEETH, GUM & TONGUE, their ordeals and their final triumph! 

What was their story? 
What was the lesson? 
Was she successful in imparting it to the young minds? 
If you're curious to find out yourself...then read on!


Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Mouth lived three Musketeers by the name of Tongue,Gum and Teeth who cohabited happily together. They were loyal soldiers of the Mouth and protected it against the aggression of a demon called Germs because of their healthy habits. 

The trio were detached from the worldly pleasures of life and contented with Dairy Products, Fresh Vegetables and Fruits for diet while for maintenance they simply relied on brushing twice a day with Colgate, Flossing and their half yearly visits to Mr. Dentist for regular check-ups. They were health freaks and the purity of life reflected in sparkling white Teeth, pink Gum and a clear Tongue.

Time passed by, the world had changed. Consumerism had become the order of the day and the five senses could no longer resist the temptations of the new age. The Mind was the Oracle of the body and it ruled so long as it could explain the Heart the impending doom that was not far if it ceased to obey. But the Heart would not relent. 

Finally it was mutiny between the Mind and the Heart.  Beer and Colas replaced Water. Junk foods like Pizzas, Burgers and Ice-candies were new on the menu and the natural minerals and calcium that Mouth needed for survival phased away from their diet. 

Gradually, their erratic lifestyle led to the collapse of the discipline the trio had instilled in themselves over the years for maintenance of their structure. 

It began with sensitivity which was followed by sharp pain and the signs were visible for all to see- Holes and bridges were built and drilling was on in full swing. Plaques, Cavities and Gingivitis - their three nemesis had taken over their structure. 

It was like, if Mouth was the ship then their nemesis were the captains except that instead of anchoring it, they were plotting it's doom. Gradually, their efforts bore fruit as Teeth's pristine glory was lost when rot set in; Gum was inflamed and had become susceptible to recurrent bleeding while the color of the Tongue had turned shades worse! 

The final blow came during their routine visit to Mr. Dentist who told them to get their act right or be prepared to die. They gasped in shock! Generally, a trip that lasted no longer than 15 minutes turned out to be torturous two hours long with the sounds of drill and awful bitter taste of medicines that lingered in the Mouth. But their problems were far from over. This was just the beginning. At the end of the first session the Mouth gasped once more when it saw the list of prescriptions and the big bill the Master had to pay for his over indulgence. The following week saw some more drilling, screaming and yelling. 

During those moments of drilling it seemed as though an earthquake had hit the structure as the intense vibrations gave a feeling that all of Teeth were just going to pop out! It took three months of patience and hard work by Mr. Dentist to set them right; but nothing was ever going to be the same as before. The final report card read - five fillings, three tooth extractions and two root canals. Just before seeing them off, Mr. Dentist gave the trio one last warning when he asked them to sober down and get their act right. They had indeed got a new lease of life not before putting it at complete peril and this time they had resolved, they were not going to throw it away! 

The Mind was always right, by then the Heart had made truce with the Mind and acceded to all that it said. Back on the routine was Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products and of course Colgate

As the trio lived on; they always recollected the horror as the Mirror, Mind and Mr. Dentist were always there to give them their reality check and remind them of their near brush with death. 

"So what was the moral of the story?", Miss Betsy asked her first grader students as she concluded the story. 

Little Angela promptly stood up and replied, "Miss Betsy tooth fairy will not give us our tooth back if we don't care for it". "Good Angela, what else did you learn", Miss Betsy asked her class. 

"I'm always going to drink the glass of milk mommy gives me for breakfast and I will not throw a fuss when she gives me spinach for lunch", as Joe rightly said. 

"I am not going to have lolly pops and candies", said a bespectacled Jane

"That we must brush our teeth twice a day with Colgate",said young MaryThe youngest girl in the class had hit the nail on the head! 

This lesson gave the class a good reason to reflect on their oral hygiene from this day on. The bell rang and the class was over. Miss Betsy smiled, she patted her students and as she walked home she realized she was successful in imparting yet another important lesson that would be imprinted forever in these young minds which would take shape tomorrow when they'd confidently spread their smiles to the world!

Hope you liked my story? Do write in! Thanks! :)
This article is written for 'The Moral of The Story Is...!'  contest at  Indiblogger in association with Colgate - My Healthy Speak Blog.

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