Saturday, 25 May 2013


Yo, Yo, Yo!
It's time to party baby! 

Weekend is nigh, 
And we're on a high.

It's time to groove,
And show you our moves.

So, let's jam it tonight,
And party with all our might!

Cheers! Let the party begin!!!
After a hectic week at work, everyone likes to unwind. While everyone's idea of fun and leisure differ...but every plan comes to a standstill when it comes to the word "PARTY''

Who'd like to watch a film or go shopping over the weekend...if there's a party happening next door! Your host  may not be a Jay Gatsby and his party may not be a grand and opulent affair...but hey, a party is a party!!! 

So what if my party may not be in a sprawling palace with fountains, fine decor and overflowing with champagne, wine and food....but what my party would offer is a personal touch in all that I've planned for the evening with fun games, entertainment, prizes and gastronomic delights (all thanks to a magic 'kitchen' recipe I recently tumbled upon that my guests are not going to ever forget in a long time to come)!'d I go about it? Well, then here it is!!
The Invite - 
My invite for the party would be sent out to some of my 10-12 very good friends through a Facebook message and it would read as: 

The Venue, Ambience & Decor - 

Venue of the party is the terrace of my building under the twinkling stars! In addition, I'll erect a small shamiana with a scaffolding of curtain rods covered with flowing satin curtain drapes that'd be lit with lights, disco-balls, balloons and a music system set in place. 

At the other end of the terrace I'll put up my LCD and Home Theatre where I'll set up my karaoke  instruments and a few sofas around it. In one corner will be a mini-bar where my guests can help themselves with drinks and a little pantry where food would be served.

On the Menu - 
Generally the most difficult arrangement for any party is surprisingly going to be the simplest one for me! Yes, that's right and I am talking about the Gourmet delights coming from my 'kitchen'!! Did I just say 'kitchen'? Well that was pun intended!! :)  

Today, I'm going to share this one with you while I keep my friends guessing on who cooked the dishes and desserts or where did it come from, while you're going to be the first one to know this secret! Thanks to 'Kitchens of India'...I'm going to be one cool and confident host without worrying about the quality and taste of food. And above's not even going to pinch my pockets!!

As I'm serving my guest I'm going to be quietly watching them lick their fingers and burrp away as I mischievously click some funny pics! ;)

Spices are the soul of any food, hence I'm going to straightaway order the Masala Mixes by 'Kitchen of India' which I am going to use for the preparation of dishes that I'll churn from my kitchen.

For starters:
An appetizing bowl of rich creme tomato soup will be served followed by dinner.

Menu for Dinner is gonna be:
                                   3)  Butter Chicken
                                   4) Paneer Makhani

Besides, there's also going to be:
1) Mixed Vegetable Raita
2) Tandoori Rotis
3) Salads
4) Papads
5) Mango Garlic Chutney by Kitchens of India

For Desserts:
It's going to be an irresistible combo...while on one hand would be the season's Aamras from my kitchen and the second would be a piping hot Ready to Dine-Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa by Kitchens of India!  It's going to be one big culinary feast for sure!

Entertainment Quotient!
i) This one is gonna be a musical 'n' dance night as we're going to rock on and bring the house down! We're first gonna jam it up with a Karaoke session as I'm going to hunt for an Indian Idol amongst us! ;)
ii) In the shamiana  - After warming up their vocal chords I'm going to have Couples Dance Razzmatazz! While everyone's comfortable dancing with their girlfriends and spouses, this one's going to have a twist! 

I'll circulate two set of bowls with chits of numbers each from 1 to 10 written on it. One bowl would be passed on to the guys and another would be given to the girls. Now, each one would pair themselves with the numbers they pick and heavens it'd be a 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' moment if a couple do end up dancing that evening! I have my playback ranging from romantic songs like Frank Sinatra's 'They Way you Look Tonight' and  Can't Take my eyes off you to foot-tapping dance numbers of Elvis Presley, Vengaboys, Macarena, ABBA's Dancing Queen and many more... (for a change they're going to dance to my tunes)! ;) At the end of the face-off, the couple that burns the dance floor with their energy and rhythm while consistently keeping up their moves with the tempo of the music would be adjudged winner of the evening (by none other than me of course!) 

iii) Since everyone would have been tired by now, the next on my list would be a warm up activity of a game of Tambola where prizes would be awarded to the winners. Prizes that I've planned to giveaway for all the fun-filled activities would be daily planners, novels, self-help books, DVDs and Music CD's etc. After these fun-filled activities, we'll break for dinner. 

iv) Post-dinner, on my LCD we'll retreat to watching my favorite film which is a comedy-fantasy and a classic of it's time - Mary Poppins which I've planned later that night as we watch and gorge on some delectable desserts!

So...this was my idea of a perfect home party! How 'bout you? If you haven't planned one...join us here! ;)

Till then it's Bon Viveur and Bon Appétit from me!

This post was written for the 'My Gourmet Party' contest at Indiblogger in association with Kitchens of India