Wednesday, 5 September 2012 - KNOW WHAT YOU'RE BUYING... MAKE ONE STOP HERE! website
I had recently come across this website dedicated to mobiles when I was researching on brands vis-a-vis their specifications. I just pity the 92nd or the 93rd mobile brand to be launched or that are already in the market and if they at all find a place on !!
Yes, that's the portal I was just talking about. Now what I per se liked about 91mobiles was -

- They had no biases whatsoever when listing out the brands...some of them I never even knew existed! Like as I mentioned earlier they have 91 mobile brands listed on their website.

- Secondly, they have a chart where you can compare the features of the mobile phones you are looking for (up to 3 brands in a go).

- Third and the most important is that alongside comparing mobile phone brands they have a sub-menu listing out the model numbers for those brands you have selected.

- Fourthly, within the chart you can also compare the prices of the mobile phone brands alongside with the best online deals.

Of course, besides within the same window you can even see the images of the mobile phones as well as view videos and access twitter feeds on your product.

Although what was just missing were user and expert reviews on the products but overall looking at the detail in the comparative charts, the inclusion of many different brands,the assortment of models, the visuals, the videos and the online feeds...91mobiles is a complete package of information where mobile phones are concerned!

So, the next time before you decide to buy a mobile phone, you can go well prepared from home!!

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