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In a world where e-commerce, e-shopping, e-conferencing is the in-thing...that day is not far when education would reach the next level...yes, we're talking of e-education. But are we ready to accept the paradigm shift in e-teaching and e-learning? Do you know that worldwide e-tutoring is already pipped to be a $52 billion industry? Are you also aware that e-tutoring is a common practice in the west?
ICPI Train2Teach-Online Website
And we have one such premiere online educational institution based in India training e-teachers worldwide! 

Through their comprehensive 50 hours online training programme and with a fee of just $405, ICPI Train2Teach-Online equips teachers with all the latest e-teaching tools and resources through their Certified International E-Teacher (CIET) course.

Transforming Education!
What impressed us was that the prospects have the option to select the time-band they would like to do the course and that they didn't have to go anywhere but attend it right from the comforts of their home! All they need is a computer, microphone headset, a webcam, a broadband connection and they're on a roll! 

Also what's more is that on completion of the course, the prospect gets a certificate assessing and grading their performance during the course! But prior to their enrollment in the course, the prospects have to pass a short test that would assess their soft skills.

Best part about the CIET program is that a whole new world is thrown open to teachers, trainers and educators. During the course they are taught how to handle a class online  alongside they are also equipped with the tools and resources to design their own lectures, enhanced capabilities to e-research on their subject and after having gathered adequate experience by way of e-teaching hours, they can actually start e-tutoring your subject online and make some money too! 

Mr. Sarbjit Pannu, Course Director at ICPI
And as Mr. Sarbjit Pannu, Course Director at ICPI Train2Teach-Online aptly sums it up when he says, "At ICPI Train2Teach-Online our mission is to be the prime mover and facilitator in providing leading edge technology tools, international best practices and processes to help teachers and educators to harness these competencies and realize their full potential as e-teachers & e-trainers."   
We believe ICPI Train2Teach-Online shows great promise - They are here to make a difference, they are here to change the landscape of education, they are here to deliver and they are definitely here to stay!

Here are a few links that would help you to get started-

Step 1 - Take a free online test. Click

Step 2 - Empowering your future through ICPI's how! 

Step 3 -Tour their website to study all that they are offering, requirements in terms of eligibility to do the course, their achievements and also request for  an e-meeting to clarify for doubts if you at all have any before you enrol to do the course.

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