Monday, 22 October 2012


In the last three months, I've had the opportunity to shop on not one but three different occasions and that too from the same portal - !! I assure you if it were not for the gift vouchers I was presented with, I'd never have known what I'd been missing so long!

Thumbs up to the careful packaging!
Though, I'm not a habitual e-shopper yet, but I considered this as a very good moment to explore an all new e-shopping portal that I'd been acquainted with over the months through their frequent commercials on television.
The irony is that despite not being an avid e-shopper, I can pat my back on some of the bold choices I've made lately as an e-shopper, some of those even you'd have second thoughts on, to be precise - a mobile phone and a piece of furniture! 

And this time was going to be no different either when I opted to buy beauty products like lotions, shower-gels, oil and shampoo! I know many would think that it'd be so much simpler to hop across the road and go to a departmental store instead to buy the said items. But the problem with these stores today or even your local 'baniya' from whom you buy some of these items is that they are very selective when keeping products, so you don't have much of a choice to choose from! Also, this does not give you as a customer,any option to explore some newer brands or products that are available in the market which might even be reasonable and good! 

Flipkart... delivers the promise!
But on flipkart as I browsed through their beauty and healthcare section,a whole catalogue came up in a matter of seconds! Of course, later it was just a few clicks and I was through.
Since we are in the age of internet and mobile phones, I was alerted on the delivery time table of the products I'd ordered and what's more is that some of them even arrived ahead of the estimated date!
Though, I did have a minor hiccup in between when during one of my purchases the product I'd ordered came with a broken lid and minus a protection seal. But Flipkart team lived up to their promise when they most willingly exchanged the defective product. All it took of me was to write just one email along with the image of the faulty product and the next day I received a phone call from them informing me the expected time frame of the dispatch!
However, there are a few things which they certainly need to improve on is their products frequently going out of stock. I remember during my last purchase on their portal, I found a particular product that I'd  bought earlier which was for weeks constantly showing out of stock.Considering there's competition all around, they ought to pull up their socks or the notion that certain products on their portal are perpetually out of stock might just stay on in the customer's mind as they opt for other shopping portals.

Also a special team must be deployed in place to ensure that 'Flipkart product seals' are marked on every product to give the customer the satisfaction that the product delivered to them has twice been checked!

Although, of late they have added some newer sections like Clothing (for Men) and Sports & Fitness, but they need to buck up at a faster pace by adding newer sections like Cutlery, Women Clothing, Health & Fitness(both food supplements and equipments), Footwear and Automotive parts too!

On my overall assessment, Flipkart doesn't disappoint...they surely have some good bargains! But only if the above suggestions are incorporated soon, they could be giving some tough competition!

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