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Sheer Care may not be a brand to reckon with at the moment for it is relatively unknown in Indian markets even as they soon complete one year since their foray into customized handmade soaps which cater to different skin types that boasts of natural ingredients and nourishing oils sans artificial colorants, perfumes, synthetic dyes or chemicals.

Since I have a dry and sensitive skin myself, thus keeping that in mind I decided to review Sheer Care's Dry Skin Soap to see for myself the difference and give my verdict on the here it is!

Firstly,let's understand the basics of Sheer Care's Dry Skin Soap vis-a-vis the composition, price and weight of the product before I proceed with the review.

Ingredients: Saponified Canola Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Soybean Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Water, Mayonnaise, Red Clay, Activated Carbon

Weight: 80 grams

Price: Rs. 200

The Review: Packaged in a transparent cling film wrapping with a list of ingredients mentioned that have gone into the making of the soap,Sheer Care Dry Skin Soap has a gentle and natural fragrance and keeps your skin soft,supple and smooth.The faint scent of the soap might remind you of the herbs in the Shikakai hair soap that you may have used during the good old days.

I also observed that the soap does not foam excessively which according to my assessment is good.Instead my skin absorbed the essential oils that the product is said to contain.And my skin certainly did not dry out after a bath during the last three days on application of the soap .Of course,on using the soap regularly you can definitely expect to get the desired results. However what is unmissable about Sheer Care's Dry Skin soap is that your skin does not experience dryness or any itchiness after a bath. 

If you love a soap that leaves a lasting fragrance which lingers on your skin and senses long after your bath,then this might not just be the soap for you.The rectangular bar has a stripe like design and is muddy,purplish and creamy in color which could possibly indicate the presence of Red Clay, Mayonnaise,Activated Carbon and varied natural ingredients that have gone into the making of this unique product. You could definitely give this product a try if you have a dry and sensitive skin as me.


1. Since the soap is made of natural ingredients,hence I would say that it is safe to use this product without any fear of break outs or side effects on the skin.

2. No artificial colors or animal testing doubly ensures that the product would do more good than harm to your skin.

3. This product uses some fine nourishing oils that are essential in making your skin supple and soft.

4. Does not foam in excess which is a good quality of the soap. This in turn ensures that it does not dry up your skin instead it absorbs the rich oils in the soap. Thus your skin is not left dry, flaky or itchy after a bath.

5. Niche products by the brand cater to different skin needs. The Dry Skin Soap is meant for sensitive skin that is subject to daily exposure of the harsh rays of the sun, pollution and vulnerable to different weather conditions.


1. The soap feels oily and each time on holding it in your hands you get the feeling that it is about to slip.

2. The soap looks delicate and for a moment it seems that it will melt and loose the contours of its rectangular shape. Hence you must ensure that you keep the soap dry and not expose it to moisture. 

3. Those who love a good fragrance in their soap could give this product a miss. Since the product is made of natural ingredients hence it has a mild earthly scent.

4.If Sheer Care,as a start-up has to compete with an established market segment of natural/ handmade soaps like Khadi,Fab India,Soulflower etc. in due course of time,then it must ensure competitive pricing and attractive packaging to get customers to use their products first in order to command brand loyalty.For starters,at Rs. 200 for 80 gms it is definitely on the higher side. 

Those interested in knowing more about the product or wish to buy it can do so by clicking here.

[Disclaimer: This post is an impartial product review of Sheer Care Dry Skin Soap which I received from the said brand. The results of this product may vary from person to person.]

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