Friday 7 August 2015


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This Vlog was created for the #ColgateMagicalStories - The Power Of Constructive Parenting campaign at Indiblogger in association with Colgate  [Total Duration: 83 seconds]


It's exam time...but ever since my li'l cousin,Yuvika (I love to address her by her nickname!) saw the #ColgateMagicalStories advertisement on television,she has been nudging her mother to buy her the latest Colgate pack and been unfailingly asking me everyday to shoot her video and send in her entry for the campaign. 

So,we had a pact. Since she had not prepared for her exams yet, I told her that we would shoot the video as soon as her exams were over. But first she had to do was concentrate on her studies and prepare well for the exams to which she instantly agreed. 

No sooner the last paper was over she came straight to me and said, "Didi, my exams are over, let us shoot the video today itself!" And I asked her, "Why? Don't you want to take a day's rest and play with your friends or watch television instead?". She instantly replied,"No Didi, Colgate Magical Stories first and the rest later!" 

So, here we are...

The little drama queen of the house is all her favorite pink frock with her colorful mask on and flowers to complete the look!  Her mother compliments the color in her choice of dressing as she joins in this fun-filled activity where children of Yuvika's age can now enjoy a creative session of drawing with these cut-outs that come with each pack of Colgate! And what's more...adults, friends, family can all join in too...isn't that fun? Colgate brings together people of all age groups in this leisure time activity!

In her drawing she adds stripes of different colors to her white canvas where the Colgate magical castle of protection and trees will ultimately lay it's foundation on. With deer, mountains,pond,lotus,huts and humans - here's capturing this young one's vivid imagination of life!

With her sparkling white teeth,she is indeed Colgate's bright young ambassador of the future! 

This Vlog is sure to get some of you nostalgic as you reminisce some 'colorful' moments from your childhood days!


  1. Oh Yuvika is just adorable, cut little artwork she put up... All the best.

    1. Oh yes...and the prankster of the house as well! ;) Thank you very much Disha and all the best to you too! :)