Monday, 12 January 2015


I truly believe that Valentine's Day is a day to be cherished with those whom you love dearly and hold close to your heart be it your spouse,boy/girl-friend,parents,grandparents etc.Thus this Valentine's Day while everyone chronicles about the exclusive celebrations and plans they have in store for their spouse or that special someone in their plans would be tad different from the rest because for me the search is still on! And while I enjoy my singledom until that special someone comes riding on the horse and sweeps me away from my feet,I shall celebrate this Valentine's day like every year with the first man in every girl's life - her hero,her first crush,her BFF - my Father.

A father is a rock that holds the family together.He never complains about the formidable challenges he might have at work or discusses the personal issues he may be facing but silently and singularly endures everything on his own.He would even hold back his tears and fears just to see a smile on the face of his family. 

Then there's also this universal truth that holds true about fathers and daughters and on that special bond they wonder we daughters are our daddies darling little princesses forever.He would never part with her until he is absolutely sure that the man whom she would marry is definitely the "one" for her! And as for a girl,it is the many characteristics and qualities which she admires about her father that she hopes and desires to see in the man who would one day conquer her heart! 

Thus this Valentine's Day, I would like to go on a date with my father (and mother of course) professing my love and admiration for them in a heart-to-heart conversation when I express my sincere gratitude for their invaluable contributions in my life.For nurturing, loving and tending me as a gentle bud which has blossomed into a fragrant flower;the fragrance of love, joy,compassion and humility that rents the air and fills every corners and spaces with her smile,laughter, qualities and virtues. 

Thus if I had unlimited powers on Valentine's Day then here's my wishlist of all that I would love to do for my parents to make it the most memorable day of their lives...

1.As Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday,hence on the evening of Friday I would pick up my dad from work with mom in tow and instead of the long drive I promised them it'd be;I'd love to give them a spur-of-the-moment surprise by driving them down to the airport instead,with tickets to Goa and the joy-ride weekend that I have planned for them!The three days annual Goa carnival kick-starts from the 14th to the 17th February...hence it would be great fun as we all enjoy the roller-coaster rides,fancy dress competition,tambola,song/dance contests and lots of merry-making when we gorge on delectable cuisines and raise a toast to a glass of champagne for making this day possible in our lives!

2.For the precious gift of time he has unfailingly shared with his family...
For the times he makes it for the evening swim despite his office work...
For the times he and my mom made it a point to attend my PTA's...
For the times we as a family went together on picnics, holidays or even the surprise outings he plans for us...
For the many times he has made it on different social occasions despite the weight of responsibilities and duties resting solely on his shoulders...
For the times we bond and the words of wisdom he shares with me on life,challenges and the road ahead...
Thus I would like to gift my dad a vintage OMEGA Limited Edition Pocket Watch 1932  which is timeless, priceless and in a million, just like my father! 

3.Next on my list is a Sony Playstation PS4 from Flipkart which I'd like to gift my dad so that we could spend many memorable evenings after work bonding over games and de-stressing from work.This moment is sure to get us down the memory lane as we remember the good old days when he gifted me my first Tetris video-game and how we playfully competed with one another to better our scores! :-)

4. Since my father is professionally in the education sector, thus I would like to start an Education Foundation for deserving students in my father's name...this would definitely be the best gift of all which my dad would love and appreciate the most,thus putting my special powers towards a noble cause which is the best gift to humanity.

5. Finally,so far in this list of unlimited powers which I wish to have,I have mostly written about the many material gifts that I'd love to shower on my father but there's more! Since my father is Superman himself,thus the powers I would like to have are those which are way beyond Superman's jurisdiction i.e. the perception of human emotions.If only I could have the powers to sense fears and tears,sadness and stress,loneliness and anxiety and fill every moment of their lives with laughter and joy,happiness and smiles,good cheer and tidings instead...then I truly believe that every day of our lives would be a Valentine's Day indeed!

Wishing all my readers a Happy Valentine's Day! All you have to do is just widen the scope and definition of Valentine's Day and you will soon realize that in life you'd have so many to love and be loved in return. God bless.
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