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The Neem concoction that looked something like this!
Once upon a time when we had the wise old lady of the house who was my granny of course,I would lean on her for any advice related to health, wellness and fitness(yep,you heard that right!).She was quite active till the end-going to the bazaars,cooking food, tending to legal matters etc. So when I had a home doctor in her,I could just close my eyes and safely rely on the home remedy she had to offer from her magic box of ideas for she was someone in whom I could secretly confide on any health problems I faced.So as a child when I had tummy upset,she would give me a couple of bananas to eat and make a tempting glass of ginger ale for me! And when I had boils on my skin,she would prepare a Neem concoction(I don't know how and where she found these miracle leaves in a city,but she I said she loved going to the local markets).Though this concoction was difficult to gulp down my throat,but when the bait was a bar of chocolate ...then what was the fuss! :-) My granny was truly a health police when it came to tackling criminals like stomach ache,boils,hair fall,dandruff etc.Thus, today I miss her all the more!  

My wise old granny...
Since I do not have the virtue of patience my granny had,thus the problem at hand oft gets the better of me until it spirals out of control! But when the area of problem is my face then I leave no stones unturned.The appearance of even one pimple on your face throws your life out of gear!From expensive Salon facials to lotions,gels, creams and astringents,face-packs,peels and masks to incessant SOS/distress phone calls to friends and posting my queries internet forums and what not I resort to in order to get that spotless face back in the spotlight! 

And living in an urban metropolis where are the trees that I could even make my granny's magical Neem concoction? That recipe is now long forgotten too! 

And then if I have a social function to grace or got office to attend to,then the temporary respite I get is digging into my make-up box and applying layers of concealers and foundation to cover the acne only to end up making a make-up faux pas and watch some arched eyebrows giving me the stares and scares! Helppppp!!!

And when I have to meet my pals,then in such a predicament borrowing my neighbor's burqa,tying a half scarf or a head gear that covers my face seems a normal thing to do until the cat is out of the bag!And what's more is that my friends who are now familiar with this practice of mine have a Hindi song coined for me around this situation which in jest they sing and tease,the lyrics of the song which goes as..."Parde mein rehne do, Parda na uthao, Parda jo utth gaya to bhanda phoot jaayega!" (Stay in the veil, don't lift the veil,if the veil is lifted then the secret will be out in the open!) So it's pity me and many Lols for them!

Once upon a pimple...
Thus it is when all the above experiments fail that I have to make that painful yet crucial decision to go "under the knife"! Oh don't get me wrong...did I just scare you?Going "under the knife" in my scheme of things simply implies digging my pointed claws to pop the pimple and watch it bbb..burst!!! But then it doesn't end there does it? We all know the aftermath of this stupidity when it leaves a mark to remember and there's nothing one can do about but just helplessly watch one's self in front of the mirror as we brood and berate as we watch yet another pimple ready to take it's place!Likewise is the case with me!

So when the situation aggravates,then here's an emotional conversation I end up having with my antagonist,"Miss Pimple" pleading her to go away and never show up again...

Let's keep this simple,
To put an end on this long drawn war and tussle;
So put up no more fights with me Miss Pimple,
For I do not have the weapons nor the muscle!

Like a volcano are your eruptions,
All of a sudden and without a warning;
You bring into my life so much disruption,
That you leave me sulking and scorning!

You have given me enough pain,
And been the cause of many embarrassments;
On my social life it's become a strain,
That I cannot even sue you for all the mental agony and harassment!

You are such a sore to the eye,
And I have not a solution in sight;
But if you have resolved to ignore my cries,
Then preppie,you better get ready for the big fight!

The advertisement that was an answer to my SOS call!
And then suddenly,I was set adrift from this conversation when I heard a familiar voice coming from afar,my drawing room to be precise where a girl was listing out her problems starting from boy-friend,exams and PIMPLE!It's Alia Bhatt and the advertisement of Garnier's Pure Active Neem Face wash that was playing during a movie-break!

So,we have a gorgeous young ambassador in Alia Bhatt, a reliable international brand in Garnier and a "Neem" base face wash (with tea-tree extracts as well)! Did I just say Neem?Now what more could I possibly want?And just as when I was pleading with Miss Pimple to go away who has been holding my face ransom for a while now,the timing couldn't have been more perfect than this! 

I've made a 'bout you?
So like a lightning I drove down to the nearest departmental store and picked up a Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash! Priced at just Rs. 90 (100 ml) was worth a try considering that all the expensive options had actually failed to deliver the promise!

So here I was standing in front of the mirror,patting my moist face with a lemony green gel of Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash and somewhere in my mind confident that this would I sounded the bugle of my victory to Miss Pimple as I finally let out my innermost thoughts in my final conversation with her that I was itching to tell her so long...

I have finally found a lethal weapon to mark your defeat,
"Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash" is the name; 
Enriched with the goodness of Neem Leaf Extracts and Tea Tree Oil to achieve this feat,
For it is here to change the game!

You can now scare me no longer,
Or be the cause of social disgrace;
From all these experiences,I have emerged much stronger,
As I get ready to send you packing without a trace!

Dark spots,acne and pimples from now on would be a thing of the past,
As Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash gets set to mark your death knell;
Radiant skin and spotless complexion would forever last,
When germs,bacteria,pollution and impurities will find no place to dwell!

Now I will beam with joy and flash my dimples,
As you turn into an unsolved puzzle and mystery;
No one would from now on know your whereabouts Miss Pimple,
For you are set to become History!

Time to "Dabangg" pimples & dark spots out of your life!
So as I gently applied and massaged Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash on my face,it had a cooling effect (like menthol) on my skin,making me feel fresh and squeaky clean without ripping out the essential oils and moisture content from my skin. 

Generally,it is a myth when we correlate excessive foaming with effective cleaning which is not the case. Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash does not foam much (it is soap-free) but it performs the task that it is meant to do which is cleansing the pores of my skin thoroughly well. 

During humid weather with temperatures soaring and dust in the air,the tendency of breakouts are on the rise...but after a face wash with Garnier Pure Active Neem,the face definitely feels fresh and relaxed.And what I also loved about the product was that it has a natural,mild and pleasant scent that not just makes the skin feel nice but smell good as well! 

There was a gradual change when it came to blemishes and dark-spots as Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash was slowly yet steadily making progress on the overall complexion of my skin!I could now enjoy many wonderful evenings without any inhibitions as I could flaunt my "face" without a worry in the world!The Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash is definitely value for money as just a drop suffices to get the job done! Less is more! 

Eureka!!I had finally found the product I had been long searching for!!Now it's time for you to make that switch!
This post was written for the 'Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash' contest at Indiblogger in association with Garnier.For more on the product,visit- and

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