Sunday, 6 January 2013


Here's a little poem to persuade men to shave! Perhaps, the few laughs they'd have when reading this poem might just get them into the act!

Men will always be Men, until comes the carriage;
A catalyst called 'women' will change them in marriage.
O, the first few months would be sheer bliss,
No work of yours he'd ever diss!

Kitchen chores, laundry and shopping, he'd always do for his missus,
All you have to do is just blow a few more kisses!
And lo, you'd say "Life could not be more beautiful than this",
But O dear fool, you'd soon be astonished at the transformation of his!

Just let five months of marriage fly,
And see for yourself, there's nothing he'd go by.
Ask him to help in the kitchen chores,
And watch him how well he chooses to ignore!

Ask him to help you do the laundry,
And be prepared to listen to his excuses and sundry.
For shopping if you dare ask him for some money,
Be sure he's gonna tell he ain't got any, Honey!

I wonder what is it with these married men,
They no longer want to impress their women!
When on a date, to impress they'd groom,
Now simply ask them to shave and watch them fume!

In their beard they find good company,
Which we women find very funny!
For hours, their mustaches they like to twirl;
Till they achieve a perfect curl!

They like to move their hands on their beard,
Without bothering how it appeared!
Unkempt, Untrimmed, pepper beards of grey;
What more you expected me to say!

With their long beards, they have their egos to boost;
Without realizing the number of birds it'd roost!
Now, let me have my final word on this I say;
Before you irrationally begin to flay.

If not for me, then shave to win an iPad,
Else I'd splurge to buy one from the money you had!
If not for me then shave for Gillette's trip to Paris,
Or crave as I go with friends and leave you embarrassed!
It's now time for you to decide,
'Shave or Crave' - to spend the best time of your life by my side!
 ---- Sonaal

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