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The season of love is finally here! It is that part of the year when cupid strikes even those who are least expecting it! 

Of gifts, heart-shaped balloons, movie dates, candle-light dinners, dancing etc...a mystical magic rents the air!

Occasions such as Valentine's Day not only gives us relationship goals but some outfit goals too! It is yet another reason for us to rejig our wardrobes after the year end festivities that we've long left behind.So, in's another reason for us to shop and look drop dead gorgeous on the appointed 'V' day! 

But as you all know,shopping is not so easy as it seems to be particularly when you have to streamline your choices to "Red", a color synonymous with love! A color to be splashed across the fashion marquee if you have to make a perfect style statement on Valentine's Day. In short,you have to think red and shine in red if you have to paint the town red! Unless you are single, you could pull out just another LBD or jumpsuit from your wardrobe. For girlies who are at the initial stages of your relationship, could opt for a nice sunny yellow frilly/lacy dress that could mark a bright new beginning towards a new chapter of your relationship. But for those in's the time to make the best impression and put your best foot forward!

So, here's Jabong for you and their awesome Valentine's Day store which they have put together where you can shop not just for yourself but also choose some amazing gifts for your partner as well!

In this post, I shall throw in some ideas based on my choices and what I would love to wear as I make my pick from Jabong Valentine's Day Store!

So then let's get started!

Firstly,I would base my outfits on the kind of occasion I am going to attend with my date. It could be anything from movies,dinner,dance,outdoor,beach etc. The whole idea of dressing is that you are never under dressed or over dressed for any given occasion. 

Situation 1 - Let's take an instance where your date has planned to take you for a ballroom dance to be followed by a nice and cozy dinner for the twosome at a five star restaurant.

I'd opt either for a beautiful flowing gown or an off shoulder/maxi dress with bold red lipstick and red/nude pumps to make just the right impression! A comfortable and sleeveless Red Colored Maxi Dress or a sexy Red Colored Off Shoulder dress - both by Miss Chase is what I'd pick which I would team up with the following:

Here are some of the brands that I've selected from Jabong Valentine's Day store to create this style board: 
- Gold clutch by Arancia Golden Polyurethane (Pu) Clutch
- Wrist Watch by Guess Silk W0140L2 Golden/Silver Analog Watch
- Wayfarer by Joe Black

The best part about an off shoulder/ Maxi dress is the comfort quotient and ease of movement in the attire throughout the evening without compromising on style! 

Situation 2 - Let's take an instance where your date has plans to whisk you out for a fun-filled weekend at the beach or a nearby hill-station.

a) At the beach, a casual look is desirable. Thus a pair of distressed washed out denim jeans / cotton capris/ shorts are a safe bet that you can team along with a spaghetti/ sleeveless/ strappy top. If you are going to spend all day lazing at the beach, then you can skip worrying about your footwear and focus more on the accessories you are going to wear like a straw hat and coral necklace or bracelet to compliment your look. 
Psst...And for those worrying that your jeans might get dirty from below,you can just fold it upwards when you are strolling along the beach or taking a dip in the sea. 

Here are some of the brands that I've selected from Jabong Valentine's Day store to create this style board: 
- Blue Low Rise Slim Jeans/  Blue Washed Jeans by Vero Moda
Red Solid Strappy Top by Pink Lace
- Red Solid Blouse by Schwof
- Red Solid Blouse by Popnetic

The best part about this look is its versatility. After spending time at the beach, you can lounge at a nearby shack and still look stylish for your candle-light dinner date!

b) At a hill-station, it's time to pop a blast of red into your outfit and usher the magic of romance in Yash Chopra ishtyle! So dance away to "Zara sa jhoom lo main..." with him as you hurl snow flakes at one another! Long oversize sweater dress in tomato/wine red teamed with trousers/leggings/ harem pants and a pair of uggs would make you look simply fabulous. If you have the guts to brave the cold, then put on a sexy red number with calf length boots! Keep it simple as you accessorize your look with a "love" badge on your sweater, winter stoles/ scarves and Crochet Hat or a Beanie/ Ski Cap.
Here are some of the brands that I've selected from Jabong Valentine's Day store to create this style board: 
- Red Solid Sweater by Fugue and Black Print Tapered Leg Trouser by Next
- Red Solid Sweater by Renka and High Waist Front Pleated Trouser by Lara Karen 
- Black Colored Solid Bodycon Dress by Miss Chase and Black Solid Shrug by MSMB

Situation 3 Let's take an instance where your date has planned to take you out for a movie followed by a sumptuous dinner to mark the occasion. And who knows...he might even want to take you shopping to gift you something special...a solitaire perhaps!

So what do you wear? Oh oh...if the idea of jeans and tee just crossed your mind then forget about it! Remember,this is not any ordinary is Valentine's Day! And this day and date could turn out to be even special if he so decides to pop the question! Now certainly you wouldn't want to have some "bad fashion" memories when you turn up looking drab for the occasion! 

So here's how you can spice up the evening if you simply dress right! For starters, you could show him your feminine side when you turn up wearing a scorching short red dress that accentuates your curves or a cute printed red dress.Since you are mainly indoors, you could accessorize your look with danglers,statement necklace,a stylish handbag and a pair of pumps or high-heeled gladiators that makes you tower over him! Alternately, you could turn up wearing in a plunging V-line blazing red jumpsuit with a stylish sling bag and minimum accessories. 

Here are some of the brands that I've selected from Jabong Valentine's Day store to create this style board: 

Red Solid Jumpsuit by Mayra/ MySin/ Cottinfab
Red Colored Solid Shift Dress by Athena/ Red Solid Skater Dress by Miss Chase/Red  Colored Printed Shift Dress by U&F
Sunglasses by Funky Boys/Farenheit/Swiss Design/MTV
- Dk10767-2 Golden/Golden Analog Watch/Dk10834-2 Two Tone/ White Analog Watch/  Dk10700-4 Two Tone/Off White Analog Watch by Daniel Klein
- White/Silver Analog Watch by Custom
Ladies Jewelry W0127L2 Golden/White Analog Watch by Guess
NY3715 Silver/Silver Analog Watch by DKNY

Here's a fashion tip for all of you - Never pick up a clothing that you wouldn't be comfortable wearing or that would make you fidgety! Wear a clothing that you would be able to carry off with poise and confidence! 

So are you set to unleash that fashionista within you this Valentine's Day? Girlies...get set...go!
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