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Have you ever wondered why most people like to stay up late to complete a piece of work or indulge in some leisure time activities? Why is night time the best part of the day? The answer to that is simple and quite obvious too.You too know the answer to it and would concur when I say that it is in the solitude and stillness of the night your creative juices are overflowing with ideas so much so that you are inspired to pen a poetry, jot down a plot for a new story, work on your office presentation or annual report,listen to your favorite music or perhaps even dance away like no one's watching? Can you relate to some of the things that I just said above? At least that's the case with me as I write this blog post on the futuristic technology embedded in Bose QC35 wireless headphones and it's perks while simultaneously listening to my favorite music on my Mp3 player.

Now let's rewind back to the day to see how it all plays up and figure out why night ends up becoming the climax of all activities when you accomplish more than what you had bargained for! 

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Silence,quietness,calm etc are words that you associate with peace, harmony and serenity.  However,right from the time we wake up till the time we hit the bed - we are surrounded in the realm of noise. 

It all begins with the loud sound of an alarm clock that is intended to wake up one member and inevitably ends up waking the entire family. Gradually as the day progresses it's time when your domestic help makes her grand entry and her work is not complete without some loud chatter, bickering and gossiping. You look outside the window and you observe a huge cavalcade of cars locked in a traffic jam honking away to get past each other,some even hurling loud abuses at the slightest scratch on their bumper, diesel-run generators in shops making the loudest noise especially when there is a power outage, huge loudspeakers playing at full blast either at a festive procession or minister's rally, then you have vendors and hawkers going about their daily chores of selling their wares on handcarts as they make a loud pitch at their prospective customers sitting across roads and buildings.In the midst of all this if you happen to receive a call from home or office,it is next to impossible to have a proper conversation with the "surround sound" (pun intended!) so dominantly playing in the background!  

A study conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) revealed some alarming statistics in the country's national capital where the noise levels in the ITO intersection of Delhi alone was as high as 106 decibels (dB) due to honking of vehicles whereas the standard set by the Central Pollution Control Board is 50 dB for silence zone and 55 dB for residential areas. 

The above was a dismal fact of the world we live in today. However the silver lining that has emerged amidst all this noise and chaos is a healthier and parallel reality with the high powered Bose Quiet Comfort 35  II wireless headphones powered with Google's Virtual Private Assistant that is all set to revolutionize our lives from this day forth! 

Get set to enter a well-engineered matrix of a noiseless world where you have your own personal Cyborg a la Bose QC35 II wireless headphones programmed with Google Assistant that is designed to terminate noise through it's noise-rejecting dual-microphone mechanism. In addition,you can also control your music playback and compatible smart devices in your home, send and receive texts as well as have all your voice commands obeyed such as,"Call dad","What are the English movies running nearby? etc that are activated simply at the click of a button! 

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With twenty hours ubiquitous company of seamless wireless listening,my days from now onward will play on differently as "Sonaal in Wonderland" becomes a reality! Day or night, Bose QC35 II has guaranteed me immunity from all kind of clamor and commotion. Now even a noisome atmosphere around me transforms itself into the serenity of hills and enraptures me like Maria from The Sound Of Music as I sing and dance away with joy to the title track of the film, "The hills are alive with the sound of music... (or shall I say 'Bose'?)". 

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Now that I have found my "Neverland" in Bose QC35 II, it's time to  unleash my creativity at writing short stories as I become J. M. Barrie and pen down my own Peter Pan when I bring to life new characters and simultaneously listen to some inspiring instrumentals while sitting in the same good old room unaffected by the loud chitter-chatter of people around me or vehicular honking happening right outside my window. And suddenly while I am in the midst of writing a crucial scene and I need to get my appetite back into the story...I do not have to move an inch or waste time browsing pizza joints nearby on my smartphone. I simply command my Bose QC35 II that is connected to my smartphone via Bluetooth to find me Pizza joints in the vicinity.With the list of nearest Pizza joints appearing in my radius almost instantly,I can place my order in a matter of seconds and I am back to the plot without losing thread of the story! 

Safely cocooned from all the noise around me,I find myself in a different orbit altogether!  With an excellent twenty hours back up of battery,conversing on phone calls is no more of a nightmarish experience as it use to be! Talking on a phone call now seems as if I were discussing my story idea face-to-face with a friend in a sound proof studio! Such is the versatility, clarity and cutting-edge technology integrated in Bose QC35 II wireless headphones that it makes an unimaginable situation become a living reality!

And with this sudden burst of tranquility and calmness,I am filled with mirth like never before.I feel like I am levitating like Mary Poppins and have finally reached the zenith of peace and perfection!

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