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A Birthday wish granted...
I recall it was last year, the date November 30th - was the last day for the submission of Godrej Interio's - Upload & Transform contest and the coincidence was that it was also my birthday. 

Countdown to the date, I remember how I looked at my room and visualized how beautiful it'd be if it were transformed and refurbished with the lovely furniture's that I had seen on Godrej Interio's website.Perhaps, it was a birthday wish granted when this year my entry was chosen by Godrej Interio among the five homes to be transformed from the hundreds of entries they received pan-India in the Upload & Transform contest.
A long wait...but patience pays!

A month after the submission I kept visiting their Facebook fan page to check for updates on the contest and later when I got busy I logged on infrequently. Cut to February-March this year when I finally received an email saying that the picture that I had sent of my room had been chosen for the make-over. I was ecstatic!! 
Upload & Transform - A sneak peak from behind-the-scene!

A month or two after that email there was a stoic silence when suddenly everything fell into perspective beginning with the recce trip of the area to be transformed by the team of Godrej Interio, helmed by Ms. Khushnuma Jamasji's (the brainchild behind this amazing campaign) visit to Chandigarh. A month later it was followed up by the actual makeover where more than a dozen people visited my place right from the team of Godrej Interio to the interior decorator, the creatives from the advertising agency handling this campaign to the painters, workers, photographer, cameraman and the crew.... Phew!!! Never before had I seen so many people flock my room! It was a mad rush and frenzy with furniture's being moved from one end to another, painting on in full swing and the interviews going on simultaneously all in a span of just three days! But with all the attention I was doused in that short span of sure felt like a celebrity! :)

My Winning Entry to the Upload & Transform Contest
Upload & Transform - The winning pic!
This is the most under-utilized space of my room (see my entry pic) which I wish to transform into my "thinking-cum-entertainment" corner where furniture's could multitask so that I can store my knick-knacks and collections of books, DVDs and artifacts  This is the corner I envisage strumming my guitar, tuning into some television before I go asleep, surf the internet, browse some magazines, read the morning paper and have my cuppa coffee! And I believe Godrej Interio can make this dream a reality! 

What were my requirements? 
(Read: Winning Entry) Being in the media and communication industry, I like my space brimming with creativity, inspiration and innovation;it should in a way even mirror my personality - which is dynamic, fun and spiritual. By spiritual I don’t mean artifacts of deities instead I like to frame inspiring thoughts and stories to be put up on walls or shelves to inspire me always and keep me in good cheer. 

Upload & Transform - My favorite corner!

And the person that I am – a minimalist when it comes to my room, I like it devoid of clutter and prefer everything neatly tucked into shelves, cupboards, drawers and stowaways etc. Hence whatever few furniture's that I’d like my room to have should be versatile, mobile and multitasking in nature. By multitasking I mean that besides the intended purpose of the product, it should have an added utility and dimension to it. Like a sofa could be a sofa-cum-bed, beds could be a box bed, a TV or computer wall unit must have drawers for me to store my knick-knack, corner-tables could dabble as utility bins etc. 

Upload & Transform - A lounge to host my guests!

I envisage my space as a studio apartment - in one corner I have my DVDs, books and television and a comfy couch where my friends can come and lounge over & of course the other half my bedroom. My favorite colors are blue and green; green makes me feel one with nature while blue has that calming and tranquil effect on me!

What was the Transformation?
The whole process of transformation lasted three days! The first two days went into the painting of the room and putting up shelves to incorporate my need of storing my books, DVDs and artifacts. 

I was gifted the following furniture's by Godrej Interio as a part of the make-over for the Upload & Transform Contest:

Upload & Transform - A complete overview of the transformed space!
A Plug-In  - This versatile three-seater fold-able Plug-In is not just a recliner but a sofa-cum-bed too with eight adjustable positions!! And that's not all, this unique product is equipped with Bluetooth,an audio-jack which can be connected to my mobile, laptop, PC and i-pod and through it's powerful in-built woofer speakers I can bring the roof down!! Besides, it also has a small powerful LED meant for some light night-time reading. (For more details on this product, click here. Very soon I hope to review this product on i-assess too, watch out for that!)

A complete set from the same family of products comprising of- Two Boomerang Chairs + One Coffee Table + One Corner Table

The props that further embellished the look of the room were:
Two Rugs 
One Table Lamp + One Wall Lamp
Five Sheer Curtains in White
Six Colorful Cushions
Five Frames (Some Inspiring "Food for Thought"!)
Four Vases with a Tray of Scented Potpourri & Flowers
One Wind Chime

Watch the winning Video of the Transformation filmed by the Godrej Interio Team:

At the Outset...
I must admit that Godrej Interio had largely succeeded with the task at hand as they aesthetically carved out a new room altogether within the given space while incorporating green as my favorite color on the wall and windows and in the home decor that aptly complemented the mood and ambiance with their fine range of furniture's!

At the outset, I’d like to thank Godrej Interio for having me as one of the five chosen ones for this amazing transformation! Thank you Godrej Interio...I'll have wonderful memories of this whole experience!! And I do hope that along the way, Godrej Interio not just transforms many more homes but touches the lives of people by introducing quality living and lifestyle through their ideas, creativity and products!

P.S. - The Season 2 of the Upload & Transform Contest is underway, do send in your entries and your home might just get a new lease of life! Here's the link -

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