Friday, 16 August 2013


Do you love to soak yourself in luxury and pamper yourself once a while? How 'bout indulging your senses everyday (without spending those expensive bucks at salons and spas)? And all within the comfort zone of your own home? 

In this post I will be reviewing Auravedic's Vanilla Almond Indulgent Bath kit which iDiva had gifted me during one of their promotional activities on social networks. 

The products were so lovely that I couldn't help but write in to share my views on them so that many of you who do enjoy relaxation therapies (or are fond of experimenting with newer products) could might as well try them out right away! I certainly loved them and I am confident that so would you! :)

A complete bath kit...what say?

Now, how let's set the ambience for you to unwind after a tiring and stressful day at work.
A bath tub or a shower (a good loofah to enjoy some good lather) with soft calming music playing in the back-ground, scented candles lit around you or some potpourri with fragrances of jasmine, rose or sandal filling the room and a perfect beauty bath kit to complement this whole package (if that's what I may call it)! Now, are you in for it? Have I set the mood?

Thanks to iDiva, I had a chance to use Auravedic Vanilla Almond Indulgent Gift basket and lo, I was impressed! Besides of course the product which in itself was superior, I quite liked the whole packaging of the contents in them!  It was a cute basket laced with potpourri and seven products to make it a complete bath kit! The products that came in the basket were - 

1. Calming Body Cleanser - 100 ml
2. Luxurious Bath and Body Oil  - 100ml
3. Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion - 100 ml
4. Luxury Natural Soap Vanilla Almond - 100 gms
5. Ultra Nourishing Body Cream - 150g
6. Scented Candle
7. One Spa Towel

Indulge yourself with Auravedic Vanilla Almond Indulgent Bath Basket!

I felt squeaky clean after a nice long home-spa pampering myself with the Calming Body Cleanser and followed it up by massaging the Luxurious Bath and Body Oil on my body. I reserved the Ultra Nourishing Vanilla Almond Cream for application on the face and neck. 

Since I have a sensitive skin, I chose to use the Luxury Natural Vanilla-Almond soap for my everyday bath and it didn't disappoint either! In fact the soap with all it's natural ingredients kept my skin smooth, soft and supple. 

On regular use of these products, I found that my skin felt nourished, moisturized and glowing. I particularly quite liked the aroma, the quality and the organic nature of the product. Overall, what I liked about this basket was that true to it's name, it was indeed indulgent and for a moment, I felt like a dessert scooped with dollops of vanilla! :)

P.S. -  I just checked, the price of this lovely basket is Rs. 1350 and is available at all major e-shopping sites. 

Psst...I'm sure you'd have spent much more on a one time spa session than what you'd have spent on owning these products and enjoying the good 'spa' times till they last! :) Besides, this bath kit makes a fantastic gift too! Don't you think? :) 

Do write in your feedback about the product too! 


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