Saturday, 23 January 2016


There's a secret mystery box from Colgate that's on the out limited  exclusively to just 300 privileged participants (Oh and I happen to be just one of them...I made it just in time!) which goes by the name of "Gold Mornings" and my Sherlockian skills are on the overdrive to decipher the contents before they arrive at my doorsteps. 

It is likely that I might be receiving the hamper in a day or two because time is of the essence and the deadline is nigh. 

Thus before everyone arrives at the same conclusion on their idea of a "Gold Morning", I have to work round the clock to arrive at my findings! Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock!

Thus, the big question here is - What makes a Gold morning?

According to me, the idea of a gold morning is waking up to a smiling sunshine as the golden rays kisses my skin.

Since I am single, it is my pet rabbit, Sunshine (Yes, that's his name!) who gets all my attention and has the liberty to share my bed and sneak inside my quilt as he hops all over me until I wake up. As soon as I am up on my bed, I cuddle this innocent and beautiful furry little animal, glance through the headlines in the newspaper before I slip into my chappals and head to the bathroom. 

Bright white and sparkling teeth is what it takes to make my day a winsome one indeed as I wake up to conquer the world with my smile! Thus I need two powerful weapons to achieve the desired objective - an efficient toothbrush and a reliable toothpaste to decimate all germs,plaque and cavities hidden in different corners of my mouth. Colgate has been my family friend and companion right since I was a child and it has only grown with me over the years! The best part about Colgate is that it innovates with niche products to combat oral hygiene and Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold is yet another feather to their cap as I am set to explore this new range in dentalcare.

Green and blue are my favorite colors...wearing an outfit or attire coordinated in these colors makes my morning a gold morning! Jeans,Tees,Skirts, Shirts and trousers must be well laid out and ironed on my bed to begin my day afresh after a nice refreshing shower.

After getting ready, I head to the table for breakfast, as I await mommy dearest to serve me a cup of hot chocolate in my favorite "Pudsey Bear" mug with egg scramble, brown toast, margarine and a fruit. 

My mother ensures that I carry a little flask of hot chocolate along to ensure that I do not succumb to the temptations of Latte Coffee or Cutting chai at work or outside! 

On holidays, waking up late and later in the afternoon phoning or Whatsapping my girl-friends to come over to my place for lunch followed by watching rom-coms like Bridget Jones's Diary, Notting Hill or classics like Gone With The Wind, Sound Of Music, Casablanca etc. on my LCD is my idea of a gold morning which is a perfect beginning that's on the cusp of turning into a blissful golden day ahead!

Psst...After a long wait,a glittering gold parcel has finally arrived! Here's a sneak peak of it...A Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold Toothbrush,A Gold Mug,A Gold Flask and a bonus: A Golden Note that introduces me to the all new Gold Standard phenomenon of mouth cleaning!

This thoughtful gift hamper has all the essential elements - a mug, flask and a toothbrush (not just any toothbrush but the all new Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold!) as I just described above to mark my mornings into many "Gold Mornings"

A simple, smiling and healthy morning in the joyous company of family, loved ones and friends is truly my idea of a blessed gold morning!

Time to break the mould;
Get set, Get bold.
Bring home the Colgate  360° Charcoal Gold;
Add dazzle and glitter to your mornings tenfold!

                This post was written for the #Colgate360GoldMornings Campaign at Colgate

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