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If you had a day in Korea,how would you spend it?Well,I can't talk about others,but I would have loved to take a quick tour of the local museum where I could enrich myself with the country's history,culture and traditions,then I would dash to the most popular local restaurant and gorged on some scrumptious cuisines and being a child at heart,I would love to spend the rest of the day at an amusement park where I'd enjoy the many thrills,fun n frolic and rides of my life. 

In Part XII of the Wow Korea series, I shall introduce you in brief to Seoul's own Disneyland through three such themed amusement parks where you can have the time of your life doused in excitement,joy and mirth!If not you,then the little member of your family accompanying you on this trip could have the most memorable time of his/her life!

Lotte World                             Image Source: 
1. Lotte World: This indoor theme park which is mostly frequented by tourists is located near the Lotte Hotel and Lotte Departmental Store.The Lotte World which looks like a complete resort is divided into two parts -'Adventure',an indoor park whereas 'Magic Island' is an outdoor park. It is the outdoor park which has most of the thrilling roller-coaster rides that even houses Lotte World's Castle,a wonderful place for photo-ops!The indoor Adventure has a host of attractions as well where the World Carnival Parade is the best of them. This parade takes place everyday between 14:00 to 14:30 and 19:30 to 20:00. The best part about Lotte World is that it is open late and 365 days of the year, thus making it a hep n happening destination for tourists who love to indulge in some fun night-time activities.And what's more is that the prices at night are cheaper than the normal day-time tickets!

Here are some highlights in a nutshell on the rides/attractions at Lotte World...

Gyro Drop                    Image 
a. Gyro Drop: This exhilarating ride begins with a 70 meter slow climb to the top where you rotate slowly before being plunged down at the speed of 94 kmph and for a duration of 2.5 seconds! This is the most thrilling ride that the Lotte World park has to offer!

b. Gyro Swing: This new addition to the park combines rotation and swinging movements in the ride with the pole at the center as it rotates from left to right while swinging continuously from side to side of up to 125 degrees! Those carrying loose change or  wearing sandals,it would be a good idea to take them off else they might go tossing in the air!

c. Folk Museum: In the amusement park there's also a folk museum which is most popular among foreign tourists and it differs from the regular museum in Korea as it showcases Korean history through models and animations. A traditional restaurant is located within the premises of the museum that makes it ideal for lunch time visits.

d. Shooting Range: On the B3 floor of Lotte World there's a shooting range where you can shoot real guns that are oft shown in movies where the charges are 40,000 Won for 10 rounds irrespective of the gun type.

e. Ice Rink: The Lotte World Ice Rink is located in the Adventure section on the B3 floor of the park.The ambiance of the ice rink is such that it receives all the sunlight on the glass dome and gives the impression that the ice rink is located outdoors.And at night,it glows in the light in all its splendor which for a moment makes you believe that you are in a parade! People here enjoy skating in an exciting atmosphere amidst a captivating background. Surrounding the ice rink are a variety of family restaurants that offer international cuisines which makes it a popular spot among tourists, families and the youth. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Lotte World Ice Rink is known as one of the finest ice rinks of Korea.  

Here are some more recommendations on the rides and attractions you can enjoy at Lotte World - 
a. Giant Loof 
b. Flume Ride 
c. The Conquistador (Spanish Pirate Ship) 
d. The Adventure of Sindbad 
e. Magic Island (lunch) 
f. Waikiki Wave (Wave Riding)
g. Jungle Adventure 
h. French Revolution 

Everland                        Image Source:
2. Everland: Selected as one of the top five theme parks in 2002 by U.S. Amusement business, Everland is the largest theme park in Korea. With a vast expanse of space, it includes many activities that visitors can indulge in during their trip there. From dozens of rides to choose from,the floral festival held each season to Zoos which is among Korea's best there is also the Caribbean Bay Water Park and Hoam Art Museum which visitors can explore right here.Everland has also spread its wings in the hospitality sector with the Homebridge Hillside Hostel on the grounds which is designed specifically for four member families and is one of it's kind in Korea. There are also Homebridge Cabins that houses people in groups of 20 and above. When you are visiting Everland, make it a point to do your research by going through the booklet, plan carefully and leave early in the morning if you wish to make the best of your day.

Here are some of the rides which you are most certainly going to enjoy at Everland -

a. Eagle Fortress: This suspended roller-coaster that swings to as much as 80 degrees on either side gives you the feeling that you are airborne as you fly in air with your feet dangling over the forest of thrilling ride indeed!

b. Safari World: As you hop on board in a bus, you enter a Jurassic Park-like gate which is a wild life complex of tigers, lions and bears. And what's more is that on your safari you might witness a rare sight...a dancing bear! Keep your cameras ready! There are also 'Safari Special Tour' where small groups can tour through the safari in a jeep accompanied by a Safari World guide.

c. Amazon Express: Navigate through the waters of the Amazon in a round-shaped raft and prepare to get wet on this ride as you douse yourself in a good amount of fun and excitement on this adventure in the Amazon Express.

Caribbean Bay                                    Image Source:
d. Caribbean Bay: Korea's first Water Park,the Caribbean Bay which opened in 1996 that was designed with a Caribbean theme is the largest water park in the world! Of Spanish stone buildings, sub-tropical vegetation  and shipwrecked ships gives it an exotic look and lends the atmosphere a romantic charm. The indoor wave pool which is built on cutting-edge computer system creates waves of up to 2.4m that emulates the ocean's waves all year round.Visitors can enjoy both swimming and a host of water amusement rides here. The 10-Story high Water Bobsled is one such thrilling ride besides there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools,hot water springs,spa, sauna are just to name a few. With these leisure facilities on board you could easily end up spending a day at the Caribbean Bay!

e. Hoam art Museum: With over 15,000 works of art dating back from the pre-historic age to Korean history,1200 Korean art pieces,100 national treasures of Korea,Buddhist art, calligraphy,folk paintings and a good collection of ceramics,this private Art Museum which is located in Yongin inside the grounds of the spacious Everland Amusement Park is a popular destination among tourists.The exhibitions are spread over two floors in a building which is constructed in the traditional Hanok style.The Ho-Am Museum also comprises of a recreation of the Korean traditional garden called the Hee Won Garden which is not to be missed. Of stonewalls, pavilions, traditional Hanok buildings and Buddhist statues that are scattered among flowers and reflected in the lotus pond is what makes up the Hee Won Garden.

Some of the other joy-rides/attractions that you can also explore at Everland are -
a. Global Fair (Photos/Souvenirs) 
b. Break Dance 
c. Columbus Expedition 
d. Flume Ride 
e. Bumper Cars 
f. Rose Garden and Four Seasons Garden (Photos) 

Seoul Land                        Image Source:
3. Seoul Land: Unlike Everland or Lotte world, Seoul Land is a more family-oriented theme park and Korea's first theme park which was inaugurated in 1988 right before the Seoul Olympics. With many rides designed for children and different themes that run throughout the park,Seoul Land makes for one diverse assortment of attraction. The Seoul Grand Park and National Museum of Contemporary Art which is located nearby(in fact a bus stop away) makes this amusement park a perfect stop on a day's outing. Sky-X and Shot-X Drop are among the new rides that have been introduced in Seoul Land that has got an overwhelming reaction from the park visitors.

Here are some of the recommended rides/ attractions at this amusement park:

Sky-X                                            Image Source: 
a. Sky-X: In this ride,groups of 2-3 people are bound together and raised at a height above the ground and suspended from the sky would for a moment even remind you of Bungee-jumping! Gets your heart beats racing!

b. Shot-X Drop: This ride which transports riders straight up and down on a 52m pole with a repetition of speedy ascents and descents lasts only for a minute but the after-effects of this ride lasts much longer! :)

c.Dokkaebi Wind: This stimulating wind ride rotates rapidly for seven circular rounds in 360 degrees rotation and gives the appearance of a tornado! The Dokkaebi Wind draws attention of crowds nearby who love being spectators of this amazing ride!

Here are some of the recommended course of rides/attractions that you are sure to enjoy at Seoul Land:
a. King Viking 
b. White Water Raft 
c. Black Hole 2000 
d. Lunch on the Rose Hill 
e. Dinner in the Marketplace 
f. Band Performance in the World Plaza Fountain
I do hope you enjoyed this post wherein I listed out three such finest themed-amusement parks of Korea.While reading this article,I am sure many of you at some point of time may have even been briefly transported to one such amusement park where you might have even possibly imagined yourself least, I did! :) 

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